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The Alpha and Omega of September

Alpha or Omega?

Pathway through trees in fall colorsSeptember marks the end of summer, the beginning of fall, and for some the dread of winter. Some might say, September begins the end; but September really is the start of a beginning for many. Kids and college students start a new school year, the start of new friendships, parents start a new routine, and we start a new season.

Chiropractic Beginnings

Here at Embracing Life Chiropractic, we celebrate our beginning, along with the founding of chiropractic in September. Chiropractic was founded 123 years ago by D.D. Palmer. His first patient was Harvey Lillard. Harvey experienced deafness and through his assessment, D.D. surmised that the misalignment he found in the neck, could be the cause of Harvey’s deafness. D.D. adjusted the misaligned bone and Harvey’s hearing was restored! It’s a truly magnificent story and demonstrates the power of each adjustment and the effects it has on our health and well-being. September 18th, 1895 was the beginning of chiropractic and the start of new life for Harvey Lillard.

September 18th, 2017, 122 years later, was the beginning of Embracing Life Chiropractic. It has been a great first year! I am forever grateful for the people, patients, who have walked through my doors. I have learned so much, professionally and personally from each and every one of you; and hope I have given some of that back through the care I have provided you. I look forward to the years ahead and the impact we will make on this community.

Begin Again, With us

It is my vision and goal to improve the health and lives of this community through chiropractic care. By achieving this, you will be able to regain or for the first time, tap into your full potential- making your stamp in life more impactful than you ever imagined. The focus of chiropractic is one of vitalism and salutogensis, or health and well-being, this lends itself to allow us to discover and encourage the expression of our best selves and give that to the world.

I look forward to continuing this journey serving you and helping you unlock your potential!

Yours in Health,
Dr. Nicole

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